Are You Paying Your Broker Too Much?

Come and work with Covewood Estates and you can keep 100% of your hard earned commission! Covewood Estates offers  three plans to choose from and caters to agents of all levels of production. Whether you work with a team, are a part-time agent, or top producer, everyone is welcome!


Plan A

$300 per month

($3000 if paid annually)


No Transaction Fee

E&O insurance paid either annually at the rate of $450 per year or $100 per transaction capped at $500.

Plan B

$30 per month

$450 per transaction

(includes E&O insurance)

For commissions less then $2000, you pay 10% of the commission instead of the $450 transaction fee.

Plan C

$0 Per Month

70/30 commission split

Commission split is capped at $6000 per year. Keep 100% of your commission after reaching the cap.

Your Money Matters and So Does Your Business

We offer three competitive plans for all levels of agents

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